DWB AUDIO MIXING are  a team of professional audio mix engineers who have sold millions of records throughout the world.

We offer stereo mixing as well as 5.1. 

We offer very competitive rates for top quality mixing.

We are part of the DWB MUSIC LTD group.

We have recorded / mixed at some of the top studios in the world such as ABBEY ROAD, REALWORLD, SARM, BLACKROCK, STATE OF THE ARK to name a few.

 We are able to mix in a studio of your choice our at our studios in Surrey, UK. We also offer mixing via file transfer, enabling us to have clients from all over the world.

DWB  mix for ARTISTS and BANDS from all over the world as well as mixing for FILM AND TELEVISION.

We use the top of the range industry standard AVID PRO TOOLS HDX. Using a selection of external hardware compressors and eq's enables DWB AUDIO MIXING to create a more 3D sound, as opposed to just mixing in the box using software.